Welcome to Big Horn...

Big gear for your Big Adventures...that's what we do here at Big Horn Products. Join us on our maiden voyage as we set sail in offering your our innovative Big Horn Tortuga Drybag Backpack.  Wherever adventure awaits, your Big Horn gear will be be there to support you.


  • Protection from the elements: rain, sleet, snow, ice, mud, sand and submersion...you dish it out, the Tortuga will repel it.
  • Transport dry and wet items via our exterior dry web straps.  Whether it's your wet clothes from that waterfall you just jumped over, or that oh-so-soft neck pillow you're trying to take on the plane to your next destination, the Tortuga delivers.
  • Air Flow padded back support for added comfort. Hauling your precious cargo affords you a little cushion for your troubles ( à la peanut butter sandwiches, fishing gear, stogies or electronic gadget of the day).
  • Low Profile lumbar pad  to help support you where you need it most.  Heck, where we all need it most.
  • Variable adjustment sternum strap.
  • Low profile, variable adjustment shoulder straps, designed to accommodate both the strapping and the not so.
  • Pair of sturdy mesh side pockets perfect for your water bottle du jour. Ooohh...that sounds good, I'll have that.
  • Rear facing reflective indicator that gives just enough shine as you follow-the-leader through field, forest and fjord under that beautiful night sky.

Dry Runs & Explorations...

Why is the Tortuga so essential to your exploration?  Sharing your experiences with the Tortuga out in the field, giving it hell, is what makes our customers absolute rock stars.

Tell us your story, send pictures and accounts of your adventures to info@bighornproducts.com We will share your experience on The Dry Wall